The Dentist is Fake, His Notes are Fake, Everything is Fake

As a mother of three growing children, there are dozens of things I need to balance on a daily basis. From appointments to classes to after-school activities, so many things need to be done that there are often schedule conflicts. Especially when each child has their own set of things to do, balancing them all together can be difficult.

Please watch the video above to understand why we don’t want more excuses from doctors anymore!

Now I am not an advocate of lying but the fact of the matter is that there are some occasions where you just need a pass. I like to send my children consistently to all their commitments and the fact that they are doing well in school is a testament of this. But it is not in spite of the fact that I omit certain activities but rather because of it.

There are times when my children have so much to do that is physically impossible to get it all done. Sometimes they need to excuse themselves from school, for example. On such occasions, I like to create a fake dentist note or a note from their doctor that excuses their absence. I find it important to make such an excuse because it keeps the teachers from thinking the student is tardy or uninterested in school work. I also find that teachers are more willing to help students compensate for the work they have missed if they feel they had a genuine excuse to be absent.

Writing fake doctor’s notes aren’t really easy but I normally choose to get a form or template that I can edit to my liking. I can adapt it according to each child, depending on their need and use for it.

Sometimes, it’s challenging to get an excuse form from a doctor especially when you’re not really sick or don’t have any health conditions. Doctor’s are sensitive when giving notes because they’re aware that some use it as a getaway tool so that they can do whatever they want and yet still get paid by the employers.

Again, I do not advocate lying or using a doctor’s note to get out of school for a fun trip to target. But there are occasions where my children will need to practice for after-school activities, get large projects done or go out of town and on those occasions, I find using an excuse to be the best way. It helps them get a break and catch up on other activities while at the same time keeping their impression at school clean.

Most mothers that balance three growing children and their busy schedules along with her own hectic routine will likely understand the need for what I’m saying. It’s one of those things you don’t really realize until after you become a mother and a housewife.

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