Fake Doctor’s notes – Facts on Fake Sick Notes

It is common to see a lot of persons going ahead to use sick notes as excuse for missing work or school. This could be because the organization is strict on the idea of people missing work. There are different types of sick notes and each will depend on the type of illness they want to use as alibi.

The importance of sick notes or doctor’s notes cannot be overemphasized. It is a doctor written, signed, and issued by a physician. The document states that the patient is sick or has been sick, and therefore should be excused from work. Another trick is to use an appointment reminder service.

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Other types of sick notes are written to give a clean bill of health to the user or patient. In this case, the user is allowed to resume work after confirmation that he/she is now healthy to go ahead.

It is legal for a real licensed doctor or health care provider to issue sick dr. excuse papers to patients who are not truly sick. The recommendation or prescription of the doctor should be followed by the employer or school authority that the sick note is submitted to. After receiving a sick note from an employee or a student, the employer or teacher would act accordingly by granting the health excuse given for being absence from work or school.

In ideal situation, the details of the above paragraph are supposed to be followed. However, many people cut corners because they want to stay away from work or school without being sick. These people often resort to using fake doctor’s note or fake sick notes.

These people justify their actions by stating various reasons like: high cost of accessing real doctor’s diagnosis, inability to access real doctor’s notes on time, needing extra time to attend to personal emergencies, or want time to rejuvenate after many weeks or stressful work.

Well, irrespective of the justification for fake sick notes, it is important to note that there are consequences if you are caught. Many people that succeed are those that have taken time to access the best fake doctor’s notes online. You too should do a bit of research before going for fake sick notes.

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